Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guerrilla Crafter takes a trip.

I have recently been off on my crafting travels to Liverpool for all things inspirational. And how excited I was as my craftily creative agenda consisted of Galleries, Museums, walks round The Bombed out Church  where the beautiful Urban Strawberry Lunch reside and Egg Cafe lunches. Also to meet up with my long lost sewing pal ally of Sticking With You. So the sun was shining the train was chuffing and I could barley contain my crafting excitement.

My first crafting experience upon arrival in the Big L was a visit to The Bluecoat Gallery and what a haven of  creative inspiration. If you ever get chance to go please pop by  Landbaby at the Bluecoat, an aladdin's cave of the most beautiful handmade textiles and jewellery.

After a walk around the stunning gardens, galleries and studios I could not contain my craftily creative ways and decided to do a small amount of Guerriller Crafting. 

I hope my Guerrilla Crafting ways gave the visitors of The Bluecoat a little something beautiful to look at and think about.

My crafting journey around the Big L continues but my post I am afraid ends here as Nina the Bernina is calling and I cannot neglect my first love. 

Monday, 27 June 2011


Hello fellow craftily creative types. 
I am (as you have probably guessed) Guerrilla Crafter and I am made of all things crafty. 
Guerrilla Crafter is a handmade textiles company which specialises in fabric manipulation and freehand embroidery, inspired by whimsical settings journeys, trips and romanticism. Everything is made from recycled, reclaimed and vintage fabrics all sourced within the west midlands from local upholsterers, scouring thrift stores, jumble sales and vintage flees.

Things that inspire my crafting ways are patch worked fabrics, vintage handmade lace, crochet blankets, vintage wallpapers, teapots, tins, pots and all things recycled.

Sewing is my passion, Sewing makes me happy!