Thursday, 29 September 2011

From a Man Named Mavis.

This is a story about a man named Mavis 
and a lady named Sonya.

Mavis is a man who's interests include aerials, 
poker, fire juggling, herbs and vintage cars.
Sonya is a lady who has a passion for the sea and all its critters. 

They have been spending the last few years spinning
 fire and cooking Mavis's favourite courgette quiche. 

Mavis recently came a knocking on the door of little victoria, to ask for
a  crafty sea themed treat for his lovely Sonya to celebrate their anniversaire.

After some craftily creative consideration i 
crafted up this treat for Mr Mavis's Miss Sonya.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

Hello my craftily creative companions. 
The first thing i would like to say is,
 I'm sorry for the neglect my blog has suffered this, 
the beautiful month of September. 
But i have very many exciting things to share over the next few days.

My first and arguably most exciting piece of news is that i have been offered an extremely exciting opportunity to do some work at Winchester School Of Art. 
Guerrilla Crafter is moving to Winchester

I shall be moving to Winchester at the end of November for 8 Months for maternity cover,
and fulfilling the role of Printed Textiles Technician.

I almost feel like i am getting the chance to go back to into my university education.

So as you would expect life has
been rather busy 
But I have also been busy crafting
 away for this

Of which you are all cordially invited to.

After a days worth of hard sewing and the weather being so unseasonably warm,
I took opportunity to take myself and my work for a walk to the park, to be around the colours, sound and smells of autumn that have given me so much inspiration for this collection.

Here are some of the works i will be showing later in the month at the Blue Gallery.

Footnote: It sings because it has a song!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Birds Of a Feather.

Well, well my craftily creative friends,
it seams that Autumn may be upon us. The trees now have some gold and red on
 their leaves and there seams to be is a nip in the air.
But this is very apt.
I have recently been asked to create an autumnal, bird themed
collection to go to the beautiful 
Blue Gallery in both Shifnal and Shewsbury 
which are both situated in the stunning county of Shropshire.

When asked for specifically birds of an autumnal feel i instantly thought of my Momma Crafter 
(who has always been keen on keeping an eye on the birds in her garden)
When i told her of the brief i had been given, she suggested i go and find
"The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"
Which to her surprise i had never read before.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of this delightful book,
it is the hand-writen diary of Warwickshire school teacher and artist Edith Holden.
You travel through the months with Edith reading her thoughts, monthly motto's and favourite poetry. Each page displays her illustrations of local wildlife, plants and flowers.
A truly heart warming read.

From the very first page I was full of craftily creative excitement.  

 It has been a great source of inpiration for
 my new collection

So here it is, the start of a a new season and the start a new collection and theme.

Please keep your crafty eyes pealed of more bird themed goodies.
The collection may 
(or may not)
some beautifully birdie hot-water bottles for those cosy winter times

Footnote: They stick together!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Polzeath Postcards

I have recently been on my Guerrilla Crafting travels to Cornwall. 
and what a desperately delightful time i had. 

The weather was beautiful, the air was fresh and believe it or not the sea was quite warm. 

It was my plan to do some Guerrilla Crafting whilst on my trip, but my time was quickly consumed by catching up with friends, BBQ's, coastal path walks and beach times.

So i have made some postcards to share with you my cornwall times.

There is nothing more heart warming for than than a British holiday, especially when the weather is warm. It reminds me of all the beautiful seaside holidays i had with my family when i was young.

Footnote: Sorry about the lack for craftiness i will be back in the week with more crafting delights.