Saturday, 29 October 2011

Good Egg, Bad Egg!

This last few days have been about making cosies. 
With Winter now our imminent future, 
my lust for making things cosy and warm  has well kicked in.

These egg cosies are particular fun.
I like many others am quite partial to a dippy egg for my breaky,
But what if the unfortunate situation of burning your toasted soldiers 
should happen
 and your egg was already boiled to perfection.
Pop your egg cosy on!!!!!
They are sooooo cute and also make just perfect 
kitchen decorations. 

I almost believe that everything could have a cosy in 
the winter times. 
But a tea cosy is in my eyes a household essential.

Rosie Doll popped over with her cup to see what i 
was up to and if there was a spare cup of tea going.

Oh Rosie, your such a joker!
You good egg!

Footnote: What do think about a crochet mug cosy?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cliperty Clip

I have been a crafter and sewer for many many years
so this may come to a surprise to you.

"I have never made a
clip frame coin purse 

So last week, i logged onto the lovely etsy 
and brought myself three frames.
So i could try out the delights 
of a 
Cliperty clip  frame purse.

I already new that i did not want a round purse 
but more of a pointed/ triangle one.
So that is what i made.

These three Cliperty Clip Purses have flown
to join there flighting friends Birdie Notebooks
at the lovely
Scary Canary
and can be viewed here.

Footnote: Please keep an eye out for a Cliperty Clip
Frame purse tutorial. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blue Gallery private view.

Last night saw the private view of the Blue Gallery 
Christmas Exhibition.

It was a delightful evening full of lovely people, beautiful art work,
wine and chitter chatter.

I thought i would share some of the Guerrilla Crafter
goodies with you.

So there are my Guerrilla Crafter wears
in all their glory at the Blue Gallery 
in Shifnal.

The exhibition will be running from now and will be continuing 
all over the Christmas period.

Please keep an eye out as, as things sell new 
fabric delights will replace them.

Before i pop off i thought i would also share with you 
a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bonnie Book of a Bird.

From my love of the birdie purse i now 
give life to the birdie notebook.

I have spent today creating these flighty feathered friends
for the lovely Scary Canary.
I hope they fly off the shelves as their feather friends 
have done so before them.

They are for you all who choose to keep your daily "to do list" in,
or perhaps write your Christmas lists in, or
maybe for you to write in your deepest loving thoughts.
 they are for you to write in what you please.
But know that your flighting friends will keep it safe.

You may wish to also know
that a select few may appear in
My Little Shop.