Monday, 13 February 2012

Digital Stitch Treats

This week i have been introduced to the world 
of Digital Stitch.

The machine is a beautiful a six needle 
Brother which will stitch out anything.

Here are some of the little birdies i have been 
These little tweeties are all made from 100% embroidery.

These are just some practise ones but the 
possibilities are so

I must say i am not too keen on the fill style where is separates 
all the colours but the other i feel have tres 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mimaki Hearts Bernina

 Here are a few more digital print birds worked into with free
machine embroidery.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A friendship blossoms

This week is the beginning of a new blossoming
friendship in the Guerrilla Crafter 
Winchester residence.

Mr Mimaki and Nina Bernina will meet for the very first time.
and what an exciting friendship it will be.
I am tres giddy about the possibilities of this new 
chapter in Guerrilla Crafters adventures.

Digitally printed birds meet Ninas freehand embroidery
with luxurious satin embroidery threads.
and my kitch decal digital repeat prints on various
silks are used to line by new range of
fabric purses.

A Sneak Peak to the Rest of the Week
Here are some buttlet points of things to look out for at Guerrilla Crafter

Digital stitch
Laser cutting
new collections
new projects

Footnote: 2012 is the year of change and new exciting projects and challenges here at Guerrilla Crafter and I am completely giddy about it all and cam bearly contain by creative excitement.