Monday, 16 January 2012

New Times in Winchester

I know i have been very
 quiet in recent times but as some of you will know,
straight after the New Year Guerrilla Crafter migrated south.

I now reside in beautiful Winchester. 

I have only been here for a week but i have been 
working on some really exciting projects,
Guerrilla Crafter is going digital.

I have been given a great opportunity to have a go at printing 
my own Guerrilla Crafter fabric. How exciting!!
Here are the first repeat designs for my spring range of fabrics.

Please let me know what you think!


  1. I love birds, so naturally I love this. Lovely! Thank you for linking up today!

    1. Hi Jenny, i'm really glad you like them. They are a little different for me, but i have to say its all rather exciting. As always lovely linky party thanks for hosting.

      Guerrilla Crafter

  2. Really like the fabric designs, where and when will they be available? I too live in Winchester and would love fabrics based around this area. I work in a habadashery/fabric shop in the town centre and I think they might be interested too!

    1. Hi Nicki, I am so glad you like the designs. At the moment the designs are only samples for my use on the functional textiles i create.

      I had not really considered selling my fabric commercially, but it is something i would be extremely happy to think about.

      Where is the shop you work in perhaps i could pop through and say hi.