Friday, 22 July 2011

Issue 3 Mollie Makes

So Mollie Makes issue three eventually landed at the door of Little Victoria, and I could not hold out for one more minute to get my little crafty nose into is craftily inspirations.

But before I could indulge there was a ritual to observe..........

Up into the depths of Little Victoria where the Guerrilla Crafter HQ resides, with a cup of tea in one hand and an indulgent slice of homemade carrot and courgette cake in the other and my new crafting bible under arm. 

Ritual observed.....

I sat at my favourite chair and cracked the spine and to my whole hearted delight just four flicks of the pages and there it was, our very own West Midlands based craft studio Creative Open Workshops. I must say a "Well Done" girlies for your mention and keep up the great work

 What was to follow most certainly did not disappoint. Page upon page of the most beautifully inspirational projects and features on fellow craftily creative types. I just love to see little glints of other studios and workshops, and find how other people like to design there inspirational spaces. What a delight to observe.

Jane foster

Lisa Stickley

Dear Emma Designs

 My favourite artical had to be "Caravan Of Many Colours" What an impact the caravan makes. "A patchwork caravan" i here you say, "Oh how delightful."

The Caravan belongs to the beautiful ribbons and trimmings company VV Rouleaux. The exterior is a glorious homage  to patchwork, with fabric and ribbon samples. The interior is something else. Every type of ribbon, trimming  and tassel adorn every edge of its interior. Every cushion, window sill, window frame is trimmed with a beautiful bobble trimming, luxurious fancy ribbon or twinkling sequin fringe. 

"When it moves, everything starts twinkling and sparkling. Its like sitting inside a jewellery box"
(Mollie Makes) 

And what a notion that is. Oh how i wish Little Victoria had a bit of land and i could plant a vintage trailer or caravan and adorn it with whimsical appliques and luxurious trimmings.
One can dream.

Anywho, Please may i suggest that if handmade, creativity or crochet is you thing please pop into the Mollie Makes website to see where your nearest retailer is.
For now, Bon Voyage 

Footnote: Images (except for the one of my good self)
 all belong to the beautiful Mollie Makes

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