Thursday, 21 July 2011

No Better than a Big Bag!!!

So, since the spring Guerrilla Crafter has been just a little bit obsessed with bags. 
I see a bag as being not only a vessel to carry your unforgiving bits, bobs odds and sods about your day, but a friend, a companion. It is said "you can tell a lot about a woman by her bag" On this occasion I do believe they are right. It is the one permanent accessory that we always have in hand. 

Whether it's a clutch bag, leather bag, tote bag,designer bag, bucket bag, bag for life or dare i say it a plastic bag, everyone of us uses one every day. Myself, I live by the motto Living Loving Handmade (as seen in Mollie Makes) so handmade bags are my thing. 

 I don't know about all you other craftily creative types but i certainly cannot leave the front door of Little Victoria without at least two bags full of various amounts of wool, crochet hooks, books and my favourite crafting magazines. Not to mention sketchbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils.

The reason i feel the need to have such plentiful amounts of crafting goodies on board is; being a Guerrilla Crafter I am always on the look out for a sneaky bit of public crafting or Yarn Bombing. And when the moment takes you - you simply cant miss out. 

So because of the importance of a big bag to a Guerrilla Crafter's life it has been the main focus of my crafting skills for the last few days. 

So please enjoy the these practical, whimsical vessels of which you can find a select few in My Little Shop.

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