Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My trip around the Big L continued......

After my inspirational journey around the Big L some creative down time was needed. So me and my sewing pal Ally decided we would learn to crochet.  With Mr Hook in hand we set off on our yarn knotting mission. What was to follow was not as relaxing as we had planned. An hour or so of tangles, tantrums and (dare I say it) some mildly bad language. Me, Ally and our Mr Hooks went into battle. 

But an evenings worth of perseverance prevailed as Ally and I mastered treble crochet, and to our utmost delight Granny stitch followed thereafter.

My time in the Big L was fading fast and to Liverpool Lime Street Station I headed. But during my return sleepy train ride back to Little Victoria I created my very first crochet granny square.

My single square has since multiplied (along with my love for Mr Hook) and is well on its way to becoming a craftily creative crochet cushion.

Footnote: The finished crochet master piece I will share with you ASAP. 
Also alliteration is fun.
Guerrilla Crafter.


  1. I am impressed, I tried to crochet once but failed miserably!

  2. It has taken me on and off a couple of years to get to grips with it, but this time i got it. Its great I am really addicted now.