Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Happy Trip To Worcester

Sunday morning at precisely 4.30 am was meant to be the big day for putting up my PomPom Bomb. This did not go at all as i had hoped. 

Team Guerrilla Crafter and i headed out to our secret location only to be straight away be met by a security guard. 

Oh Dam Dam and double Dam.

So unfortunately my plan has had to go back to the drawing board for a while, while i prepare for a meeting with a lovely lady in the lovely market town of Shifnal about putting some work in her gallery and maybe running some workshops. 
(more to be revealed soon)

So with a heavy heart about my lack of Guerrilla Pom Bombs i awoke early yesterday morning with an urge to be by the river. 

So i put together a picnic lunch for the dear for Mr S and I, and a bag full of Guerrilla Crafting goodies for myself and off to Worcester we headed.

After a walk around the city we headed to the river to have our picnic.

This is the beautiful view of Malvern Hills from our place by the river.
Whenever i see them their greatness amazes me.

Before long out tummies were satisfied and i strolled back into the city to resume my Guerrilla Crafting ways.

Everywhere i went i left a Guerrilla Crafter trail behind me.

 Cathedral Gardens

Road Street

On the corner of Church Street

Hop Market

I do hope that the lovely people of Worcester found these intriguing and took one to look up when they get home. I walked passed the one on Church Street later that day and all but one had gone.

My final mission was to head to the beautiful grade 1 listed Guild Hall. 

And here is what i had to say.

So after a hard days pondering, wondering and Guerrilla Crafting i made my way to the beautiful Second Hand Rose to check out their vintage delights.

I was most certainly not disappointed. I was met with a beautiful handmade vintage lace display all around the walls of the shop.
Now, if you didn't already know handmade lace is a huge passion of mine, I have been collecting handmade vintage lace doilies from thrift stores for some time now. 
So as you can imagine, this really excited me.

With the day drawing to a close and full of Lacey display inspiration, i headed back to my Little Victoria to start cooking up some Lacey plans.

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