Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tea Time Theme Time.

Well it seems that my Tea Time Theme Time collection is proving quite popular. As fast as i can make them they are going straight out again to the lovely Scary Canary.

I thought I would let you know,
I have recently been having quite a rough time of it here at Little Victoria. 

So with many craft and vintage fairs book for throughout the summer, my stockists expecting new stock and my new lines for Christmas still to design. Which I may add, may sound early but believe me it is not at all. 
Nina the Bernina and I were all ready for a many long sewing sessions. It is times like this that Nina is so extremely important to me and Guerrilla Crafter.

 During my first sewing session last week whilst sewing recycled leather key rings for my new range Nina started making some unusual noises. She began clunking and screaming instead of the normal gentle hum. I obviously started to panic. 
Nina had to be sent off to the local sewing shop for repair. I felt lost without my lifeline to the sewing world.
Alas My Nina returned along with my crafting mojo and we set straight to work this morning.

And after that  crafting marathon I was still not satisfied because with Nina away for over a week I had a lot of catching up to do. So I continued and finished the day with making a new range of little fabric purses. 

I hope you like all of todays hard work. I am now rather weary so i bid you good night.


  1. I love your appliques! Wonderful hard work. Thank u for sharing

  2. Hi Kasia, Thank you very much for popping in to have a look, and you kind words.

  3. oooooh, love this! visiting from a beach cottage. bravo! come visit me anytime. :)