Thursday, 18 August 2011

Planning for a POMPOM BOMB! PART 2

Hello all,
 well the day for my plan unveiling is almost upon us, but before the big day comes there are just a few more planning images i would like to share.

The last few days i have been sewing my little fingers to the bone. 
Nina has been working so hard that when i took the bobbin out to re-thread, it was to hot to touch!

My efforts for the last few days have been threading garlands and making signs of crafting encouragement and a messages of sustainability for the big event.

I have started to become quite nervous about the whole thing over the last few days. 
What if it does not make enough of an impression?
What if there are not enough pom poms?
What if people just do not get it?

But never the less i have crafted on, and these wise words came to mind

(Which can be found here)

So with this in mind i did what i had to and, carried on.

So there are some snippets of what to expect when the big day comes.  

footnote: I leave on this thought

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